My work is my hobby and vice versa. I have a strange love affair with the clay, nothing else can make me so euphoric, ticked off and physical in my expressions.

As long as I live and love the clay, I'll cuddle with this material and hopefully continue to delight others. Designing a teacup for example that can also serve as flower pot which makes you smile and see everyday life with some silver lining is wonderful.

Inspiration is not given to me, I take it. I take it from the nature and all living things, from a childhood memory or a trip. My brain never seems to sleep! The only time I close the door to my studio is when I feel the desire is not there. It's like baking, it is simply not good if desire and joy is left out. Then it is better to take a break and wait for it to appear, which usually doesn't take very long.

I both live and work in Mölle, best known as a seaside resort where sinful men and women began to bathe together at the beginning of last century. Mölle is the last village before Kullaberg's cliffs stretches out into the Kattegat, and is surrounded by mountains, forests and seas. I live here with my puppy Gunnel and here is where I create my pottery. I have a studio in the garden, but all too often, such as during Christmas time when I have the most to do, the production is moved into the kitchen. The whole kitchen is usually then filled to the brim with angels, Santas and other knick-knacks.

My vision is that the more people I can bring a smile to on a rainy Tuesday and that might be affected by my joy and happiness, the better. There is no need for new miracles, a simple craft will do.

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